Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Things I've Learned - My M4W Post

Below is the M4W I posted on Craigslist along with this photo.

From this I received the responses described in my blog entry: My Craigslist Rant Which Lead Me To This.

I thought I should post this so all related content was disclosed and you could see to what my respondents were responding.


Some Things I've Learned

I've learned that there are a lot of different kinds of women that I can find appealing and sexy. I've learned that many times someone that might not have appealed to me initially often has, once they have revealed something of their head and heart that was beautiful. I've also found that even stunningly beautiful women can stop passion and desire dead in its tracks when they are their own favorite subject. I've learned that appeal is highly individual and subjective.

I have learned that there is no loss of masculinity in desiring to enter a world of soft feminine sanctuary. I have learned that it feels incredibly good to be vulnerable with you and surrender. I have accepted that is doesn't make me weak when I am laying next to you in bed and I pull the pillow down adjacent to your torso, and lay my head on your heart, drape my arm around your hips, feel your arm reach down and envelop my shoulders and your hand caress my head.

I've learned that according to how it is spoken or written, certain sexual acts that may seem unappealing, base, and taboo can be a transcendent connection between us when we are together in bed doing them and communicating to each other about their meaning, how they feel and how they are a way of displaying unimaginable intimacy, respect, devotion and love, drenched in unbridled, pulsating, throbbing, erotic passion and pleasure.

I've discovered that slowing down can be the most torturously delicious, passion-infused thing we can do. You have taught me that being underneath you, surrounded by you, looking up into your eyes, our bodies barely moving, our heartbeats clearly audible, our breathing deep, our porous skin, warm and moistening, is a place where I have never felt more alive or more desperately desirous of you to the point where I just can't get enough of you, can't get close enough to you, inside your entire being deep enough to convey everything you really mean to me, but it is a place I never want to leave and a longing that I never tire of trying to fulfill. I understand that there is a compact between us where I serve you as you wish for our mutual pleasure.

Yes, there has to be friendship and chemistry. Sexual/sensual chemistry is a part of it. If the potential of this kind of intimacy is appealing to you, please write. If you understand that getting it out in the open DOESN'T mean that I am just looking for a one night stand or a meaningless fling, please write. I'm a one-woman guy. It's just a matter of us finding each other.

The vitals, the worldly, the mundane: Early 50s, decent looking, in decent shape, liberal, possess integrity, educated, reasonably well traveled, emotionally available and appropriate, conscious, compassionate, passionate, creative, fun, funny, sensual, inspired by all kinds of art, people, and ideas, humbled by the everyday beauty in this cruel, crazy, beautiful world.

I'm looking for someone with similar sensibilities and character who wants an overall relationship of equals, but who would be turned on by leading sometimes and taking charge sexually and also outside of bed if you so desire. Taking charge can also mean choosing to switch and give up that control, all in a safe, positive, healthy, respectful, playful, emotionally close and deep, ultimately satisfying way.

(No, the picture is not me or anyone I know. I put it up because I found it erotic, beautiful and its intimacy spoke to me...and hopefully you.)


Verity said...

I want you to know that the sort of woman you seek, exists. I am too old for you, but I am the type you seek. I am a 74 yr old sensuous dominant. You will find what you want and need. Craigslist might not be the best site for you. Try I wish you great good luck


NTM said...


Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Now I've learned a new term that might describe what I'm looking for, "sensuous dominant." I just discovered I am trying sort through it to find those dommes that are other then the traditional lifestyle or pro dommes and hone in on someone who might be more open minded and ready for something new.

Anyway, thanks again. I hope you'll keep reading and commenting!